Steve Peake on Social Entrepreneurship: Video Lecture

On behalf of the British Embassy in Armenia and within the Chevening Alumni Partnership Fund (CAPF) 2016-17 small grants project, Chevening alumni Arman Udumyan had invited Steve Peake, a UK cultural activist and social entrepreneur to Armenia to share the UK best practices in the field of Social Entrepreneurship (SE) as well as share his own experience of running social enterprises in London and Brighton with representatives of a number of non-governmental and donor community projects, as well as with members of Armenian Parliament, and other actors interested in the field.

During his short stay Steve generously agreed to participate in a video lecture for the EU-funded project Community Development through Social Entrepreneurship – CODE-SE, where KASA acts as one of the implementing partners and develops the eLearning component for a course aimed at preparing Social Entrepreneurs to launch successful SE startups. 

The video lecture shot at Espaces Youth Training Center Library will be featuring Steve sharing his insights into how to design and run a successful SE startup; how and why he became a social entrepreneur; what SE organizations he has successfully launched and is currently running; as well as many other interesting concepts that have been launched in UK and might also be suitable for the Armenian reality.

We are immensely happy and excited to say that the video tutorial will be soon available on KASA’s eLearning platform for the Social Entrepreneurship course. The lecture will be both dubbed in Armenian and available in English to better accommodate our diverse pool of participants.

Steve Peake is a cultural activist and social entrepreneur based in Brighton, England. He is the Director of Indigenous 

People, an arts education charity that provides a variety of management services to traditional world music and dance groups from Africa that promotes social cohesion, social inclusion and wellbeing through participation in community-based creativity. He is the manager of the Kakatsitsi Master Drummers from Ghana; one of Africa’s leading traditional drumming groups who regularly tour the UK performing and teaching. He is also the co-founder of grass-roots youth and community centre, The Synergy Centre, which is a youth and community arts centre in Camberwell, South London, that provides affordable space to local families, community and cultural groups as well as after-school activities for disadvantaged local young people at risk of engaging with gangs, knives and anti-social behavior.

For more information on Steve Peake you can go here.

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