Yerordmastsi Character Analysis by Hofstede’s Method

Our tour guides training gives the students the opportunity to carry out real scientific researches. These kind of researches sometimes are realized with unique sense of humor, like the one our students Larisa Mkrtchyan and Anush Vardanyan presented in the end of April. It was about Yerord Mas district. The students’ task was to find  out and to present the particularities of Yerevan city suburbs so that they also become a place of interest for the tourists.


The Art historian Alain Navarra-Navassartian was so impressed by our students’ presentation that he decided to present it at Geneva Book and Press Fair, which took place in the end of April. Moreover, being a tour guide himself, Alain plans to include Yerord Mas district in his tour for a group of tourists, which will take place in September 2016 and will be guided by our students.

To encourage our students we created an infographic "Yerordmastsi Character Analysis by Hofstede’s Method", presenting in it a small part of their research.


To take into consideration: the thoughts expressed in this material are the result of the creative and humoristic approach of our students towards the stereotypes that are popular among the citizens of Yerevan. By the way, Larisa and Anush managed to break some of those stereotypes with their analysis of Yerordmastsi character.





Last modified: Friday, 22 July 2016, 11:29 AM