About us

Recent developments of the web, particularly the ease of communication and possibilities of aggregators to filter information, have fundamentally changed the context of learning. People can now learn outside educational institutions, through online networks, and depending on the quality of the course and the connection made, their learning experience is quite different. Consequently, the role of a teacher has also changed: teachers now have harnessed the power of information and communication technologies bringing dramatic change in the educational landscape, resulting in a paradigm shift.

To reduce the social, cultural and digital divide between the capital Yerevan and other regions of Armenia and provide population in rural areas with access to education, KASA has designed an e-Learning platform to support people in taking online courses and getting necessary knowledge to find a job, hence eventually reducing unemployment in Armenia.

e-Learning has several benefits:

  • It reduces travel time and travel costs and provides flexibility to study from anywhere
  • It accommodates different learning styles and facilitates learning through a variety of activities
  • It develops knowledge of the Internet and computer skills necessary for career development
  • It gives confidence and encourages students to take responsibility for their learning

Since 2007, KASA has invested in creating a platform and environment for e-Learning, and one of the first steps towards that was the translation of Moodle Learning Management System into Armenian. We encourage people to use new technologies by conducting trainings on article publishing on the web, spreading the philosophy of Free software, and contributing to the publication of articles on Wikipedia. KASA has contributed over 100 articles in Armenian about internet culture to the Armenian Wikipedia. Besides, we use methods of non-formal education to ensure lifelong learning of the students.

Currently, KASA uses e-Learning in all its programs by combining course meetings with e-Learning, as well as provides online courses to interested people, both in Yerevan and the regions. In addition to the lessons, participants get access to online discussion forums, assignments and quizzes to better connect with their peers and trainers.

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